Who We Are

The Coalition for Portage & Main is a volunteer committee of individuals, business owners, and organizations who are invested in the future of our downtown, and who believe that reopening Portage and Main is a crucial stepping stone in building a downtown we can be proud of.

Some of our members include:

  • Gail Auriti, Harvard Developments
  • Brent Bellamy, Number Ten Architectural Group
  • Andrew Boardman, Manoverboard
  • Tineke de Jong, Downtown Winnipeg BIZ
  • Adam Dooley, Dooley Communications
  • Chris Di Lullo, Organizer
  • Adam Duguay, Coelement
  • John Giavedoni, Residents of the Exchange District
  • Ron Greasley, Deschenes Regnier
  • Zanna Joyce, Duckwranglers
  • John Luxford, Flipside XR
  • Ian McCausland, Photographer
  • Ryan Palmquist, Winnipeg City Hall
  • Susie Parker, SPARKER Strategy Group
  • David Penner, Architect
  • David Pensato
  • Dustin Pernitsky
  • Alyson Shane, Starling Social
  • Brent Toderash
  • Carolyn Townend
  • Matt Wiebe, Automattic

Downtown Winnipeg BIZ

The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce

Winnipeg Trails Association

Exchange District BIZ

Functional Transit Winnipeg

How you can help

We’re actively seeking volunteers and donations to help spread the message to Vote Yes on October 24.

Together we can make Portage and Main an intersection every Winnipegger can be proud of.


Join the Mailing List

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