Show some love at Open Fest: Free Concert Saturday

Local musicians come together in concert at Portage and Main

UPDATED Winnipeg, October 18, 2018 – On Saturday, October 20, Winnipeggers will meet at Portage and Main to celebrate the iconic intersection for Open Fest – a free festival of local musicians, artists, food and drinks organized by Vote Open Winnipeg volunteers.

Richardson Plaza will host the main stage with concerts, speakers, coffee and donuts. While 201 Portage will have local beer from Little Brown Jug, Nonsuch Brewing Co., Lake of the Woods Brewing Company and cocktails by Forth.

“It’s so encouraging to have the support of the local musicians and business owners who bring so much culture to this city,” said Anders Swanson, Executive Director at Winnipeg Trails and Open Fest Concert Organizer. “Open Fest is a way to end the election in a positive way by celebrating Winnipeg’s culture. We invite all Winnipeggers down to enjoy great local music at the heart of our city.”

The concert will include performances by Royal Canoe, Mahogany Frog, JP Hoe, Sweet Alibi, members of Red Moon Road, local DJs and more. The Purple Room will also be hosting an open mic from 5 pm to 9 pm.

Admission is free, but Vote Open is accepting donations for the Children’s Rehabilitation Centre at Richardson Plaza. Walking, biking and Winnipeg Transit are the encouraged ways to get to Open Fest. Cyclists can safely leave their bike with Bike Valet Winnipeg who will be posted up for the event.

All vendors are donating a portion of their services.

For more information about the event visit


Adam Dooley, Dooley PR


Anders Swanson, Concert Organizer

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